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The first comprehensive healthcare network that you control. Your platform will Integrate institutions or departments and their users and patients. Your network integrates both administrative and healthcare providers, electronic record management and real time user notification. You get your own mobile app and web based application services tailored to your needs. Biopure is available as a fully integrated hardware and software package. Register and try it for free.

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Cutting edge technology tailored for your needs.

Biopure assists with healthcare needs. It is a robust mobile and web application platform that allows users to reach out and get medical assistance in a simple, secure and fast way. All aspects of healthcare (e-health) are addressed within a comprehensive system that permits simple communications between patients and their healthcare providers. Reaching out and networking are part of it. We can customize the your app with your ownership on both Google play and the App Store


Reaching out it the first step in any assistance program. Hospitals, blood banks, clinics are always exploring new ways to integrate, expand and improve in/out patient care and extend the way that they interact with each other. Biopure is a comprehensive web-based healthcare service with a wide range of services. We ensure that you are at the forefront of your needs by providing an extension of your services to mobile devices. Biopure extends an engaging relationship with your patients, blood donors or other healthcare providers worldwide.

Design by Integration

Biopure integrates both mobile devices and cloud servers. Networking tools work in an efficient, safe and easy way to assist healthcare providers (hospitals, pharmacies, blood banks, diagnostic labs, immunization programs). All users can collaborate and connect on a common platform. Biopure connects you globally.


Biopure is a cloud server network that includes a wide range of communication, location and datashare features. Our services are tailored to take full advantage of networking capabilities related to either news, geofence broadcasting, group messaging or direct chat communications, remote site listing, user or staff location, vaccination programs, event posting, user commentary, ratings, attendance member to member messaging, are all just a few of your services. The VIDA network (symptoms reporting) is a real time notification and location network that can be tailored for immunization programs, epidemiology, remote patient care and tracking (blood donor health monitoring is just one example). Biopure cloud services can be tailored to meet your needs, weather you want to host your own database or create your own features.

Health Alliance

Cloud networking services integrated with mobile devices provide a comprehensive array of services to better analyze, address, and assist patients, blood donors, and healthcare providers alike. Member field apps extend web services for all staff to use. All health care providers (members) can also assist each other in a fast, secure and simple way.

Smartphone Application Personal healthcare assistant

Google Play


Google Play

  • History
  • Log and Receive: Diagnostic reports, immunizations records, blood and plasma donations, registration approvals, personal notifications and medical prescriptions.
  • Events
  • Members generate and share their events. Mapping events, joining an event, notes sharing, sending a meet-up, attendance list preview, live chat, venue location, dates and notifications are just a few of our comprehensive services for any organizer. One app will manage all your event needs.
  • Assistance
  • Users can locate, contact and ask for information from Biopure members. Members can enlist their doctors, pharmacists or technicians with a dedicated member field application. Member "field" applications extend communications between members, their employees, patients and users.
  • V.I.D.A
  • Vaccination, Infection, Diagnostic, Assistance: Quickly locate assistance locations, preregister. Communicate with registered members. Members can provide real-time assistance, schedule immunizations and follow up on patient side effects.
  • Medication
  • Locate medicinal products. Add reviews, submit requests for medication delivery, trace the delivery status in real time and confirm the delivery. Check the availability of a drug prescription.
  • News
  • News generated by members (free) can be country specific and will also include topics and titles. This section also features instant notifications.
  • Real Time Alerts
  • Members can generate alerts at global level for all users and at detailed level geo-fenced for specific areas
  • Analytics
  • Generate graphs for various symptoms. Choose filters, X and Y-coordinates for areas.
  • Users
  • Locate and message users or mobile members. Identify blood types as well as registered users. Free encrypted texting services.
  • Additional Services
  • High infection zone alarm settings. Requests for connecting with members (hospital, pharmacy, blood bank, VIDA)

    Blood Analytics
  • Symptoms
  • Symptoms prognosis, chat, sharing symptoms, and determining infection type (initial focus on Zika, Chikungunya and Dengue infections).
smart phone application

Your Own Cloud Network

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  • A powerful, intelligent service that provides context to data enabling faster analysis and improving user effectiveness.
  • There is a consistent standardized look and feel regardless of when or by whom it was utilized.
  • App portals enable maximum flexibility and communication between users and members.
  • SAVE
  • Eliminate server hardware, maintenance, power UPS, software licenses, upgrades etc. Standardization and reusable design improves engineering efficiency, reduces training needs and minimizes the cost of future changes.
    Support for cloud versions ensures that the application runs fast and costs less.
  • Biopure applications and web services are “https” secure. Remote access via HTML5-compliant web browsers enable visualization, collaboration and execution, with zero client installation and zero maintenance. Communicates from any location, on any device at any time.
  • Highly intuitive visual content, advanced applications and intelligent user interfaces enforce standardization, consistency, and situation management.
  • Support for the latest security technologies minimizes downtime and keeps you in control.
  • Within regulated and certified industries, Biopure applications help you to meet the most stringent security requirements.
  • Biopure is hosted on an https-secured cloud site and certified by Norton utilities. Our SSL security certificate and encrypted messaging services (encrypted data) comply with HIPAA. We are approved by authorized.net.
  • FAST
  • Standardized pretested apps and cloud services are fast and safe. Users quickly learn the service functionalities, operating errors are reduced and learning curves are shortened.

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Biopure Network
14 May, 2017


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