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Healthcare providers need to use the most secure and robust ways to assist patients. A comprehensive information infrastructure is of the utmost importance in bringing health care providers together with those who need assistance. Biopure is designed for the purpose to provide the first steps of a simple, safe and comprehensive way to integrate patients and health care providers. Utilizing mobile device applications with web-based services, we are able to address the most important and critical aspects of assisting patients.

Biopure is all about innovation, enhancing your and ability to reach-out and assist users for their healthcare needs. As of September 2014, we have been gathering real-time symptom data within communities that are experiencing Zika, Chikungunya and Dengue infections in Pernambuco, Brazil. By analyzing viral symptom progression, we have created the first algorithm that determines Z.C.D. infection types.

Biopure’s symptom tracking capability provides real-time patient prognosis and is an important diagnostic tool for hospitals, blood banks, pharmacists and doctors for patient care. Symptom analytics is a powerful tool to provide immediate attention to anyone, anywhere, anytime and is critical for communities and general population safety.

Thank you,
Marcel Fernandez MSc., Ph.D
CEO Biopure


Assisting and connecting those in need of healthcare with healthcare providers (hospitals, blood banks, pharmacies as well as diagnostic and immunization programs).


Global symptom monitoring with a powerful algorithm to prognose Z.C.D.-type infections. Creating a framework for facilitating a Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) for various types of emergencies by engaging and assisting patients globally.


Mechanisms through improved patient care communications and access to real-time information. Creating more involvement with clients as well as patient assistance abroad and near.



Empowering users and healthcare providers.


Contributing comprehensive services to ensure that healthcare needs are addressed.


Evolving through a shared experience.


  • Vaccinations: Programs that perform immunizations for viruses or new and emerging blood borne pathogens.
  • Infection: Symptoms, evolution and progression in real time.
  • Diagnostics: Symptom data by users enables doctors and hospitals to get up-to-date data regarding patient symptoms to better manage diagnostics.
  • Assistance: Locating and communicating with specialized healthcare providers enable a more efficient use of resources to assist patients. Any smartphone user can connect with a Biopure member to request assistance.

A comprehensive Web and Mobile Cloud Service

An advanced fast and safe cloud-based application that assists, locates and connects users and members worldwide. Member applications extend operations of web services to smartphones for field use. A host of possibilities are available to communicate, inform and share information with all smartphone users and members. Members can administer and communicate with registered users or groups. Members have access to the 'member-app' that extends operations of the web services to smartphones (field use). A host of possibilities to communicate, inform and share information with all smartphone users and other registered members.

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